Flipkart APK APP | India's Most Popular Shopping App for BEST Offers and Discounts!


Flipkart App | India's 

Most Popular 

Shopping App for

 BEST Offers and Discounts!


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FLIPKART   : In order to download FLIPKART APK app , click HERE OR click on below provided button, to download. Or click on any button present on the page to download the apk directly on your smartphone.

Version: 5.7(Latest)
Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 2.4 MB
Downloads: 9985626372+
Category: Shopping
Updated: 20-1-2017
Licence: Free

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System Requirements : Flipkart app apk android v5.7 supports all type of android smartphones and android tablets., But to run Flipkart app properly on your device you must have Android v2.3 or higer to run the apk file without any glitches. Moreover this app do not require large amount of free space. Flipkart App works like a charm even if you are running low on storage.

  Flipkart download latest version 5.7 for Android

Flipkart app download : There are many sites or applications from where you can download Apps for your Android. But some website provides you malware or trojans with App that you wished to download which can cause damage to your phone and can even delete the your important data.
Here we will be sharing you the best resource for Flipkart App free download for android mobile.
With all the festive seasons around the corner, top e-commerce sites and apps are back once again with their mega  discount & offers. These initiatives are very critical to their performance and growth  in a cut-throat market, but the e-retailers need to erase the memories of service glitches that have blighted the consumer experience in the past few years.  E-commerce players inserted fine-print such as no exchange or refund in sold items. Sellers cheated buyers by artificially increasing the price and then offering discounts on the inflated price. 
Therefore I am here to provide you one of the best online shopping app available in India.
It provides one of the best discounts and offers when it comes to online shopping.
The Flipkart App for Android Mobiles lets you get the best offers on products with great return policies.The app also provides quick delivery services for its customers.

Flipkart happens to be one of the best places online to buy mobile phones, laptops, books, shoes, other electronics and apparel in India.Due to its increasing popularity Flipkart Store has it own APP to allow the customers to access the feature available on the website to be available conveniently on smartphones. so that the buyers can buy and avail offers at all places at their convenience.
   Flipkart Online Shopping- screenshot
Here you can download Flipkart for Android for free.

The Flipkart app tends to have many advantages when it comes to searching for a desired product and purchasing it.The user interface of the app is intuitive .Its simple to use and gives overall a smooth experience for the buyers.It also consists of a barcode scanner to search products with barcodes available of flipkart app store.The Voice input can also be used to search the desired product.The added product zoom feature and reviews under description overall makes it a must use shopping app for all.
Flipkart provides variety of payment options including cash on delivery,credit/debit card net banking and payments through digital wallets,The orders can be tracked on the flipkart app which are dated periodically in order for the product to be delivered on time.

Flipkart is soon going to become a app only platform, so it will be mandatory henceforth  to download the Flipkart app apk to the mobile to enjoy the excited offers and discounts flipkart has to offer.The app also notifies with constant notification updates about latest offers and discounts which are updated everyday.If you happen to like a product ,Flipkart provides an option to add the item to the wish list to be viewed later offline.If not satisfied with the product Flipkart Apk app offers replace and return policy for all the products.

FlipkartApp for Android

You may find many alternatives foronline shopping app but you will not get the best like Flipkart App
If you love shopping online then you must have the Flipkart App installed as it provides massive selection of original products in Fashion, Electronics, Books, Mobiles and other categories and also great deals with substantial discounts, every day!

The Design:
The app offers excellent combination of colors to provide smooth interface.The Yellow black combination of colors looks great on the Flipkart APK on android mobiles.The Flipkart app has multiple login options to the site.The Homepage consists of the offer page of the flipkart app which presents the customers with the latest  offers on the market.The are 3 sections on the flipkart app offer page the savings offers and discounts,the offer page and the Hot on Flipkart section which shows the latest offers on Fashion, Electronics, Books, Mobiles and other categories and also great deals with substantial discounts, every day!.
The top left corner consists of a drop down menu with all the categories.

Ease Of Use:

The Flipkart app for android mobile has a smooth user interface  which is also very simple to use.The categories are further divided into sub categories menu sections.For eg: If you selected the 'mobiles' category the flipkart app then presents you with 'mobiles' 'accessories' and other sub categories under it.Then there is always the obvious search field at the top to search the product directly wherein the app smarty recommends the products.
On searching for a particular product the presents with instant search results.
The results can then be refined as well as sorted according to the requirements

   Flipkart Online Shopping- screenshot

Feature Highlights:
  1. The sort and Filter option narrows down the search result to find exactly what we are looking for.
  2. The product images can be pinch zoomed in and out.
  3. You can even send the gifts to your beloved ones using this application.
  4. The product reviews can be read below the description for user reviews.
  5. Wishlist allows you to add your favorite products.
  6. The app supports multiple payment option as well as digital wallets - CoD, Credit and Debit Cards, EMIs and of course, Net Banking,Paytm etc.
  7. The order status can be tracked periodically to stay updated about the delivery.
  8. The products can also be shared on social platform as well as whatsapp.It also includes a chat feature.
  9. It assures you 100% buyer protection.
  10. The app offers complete account management right from your mobile.

Flipkart APK  VS Snapdeal App 

 – Which one is better?

App apkFlipkart 
Snapdeal App APK
Free Shipping most of the productsShipping charges are included
.Excellent packaging and Prompt deliveryPoor Packing and delayed delivery
Same day delivery availableDelivery takes minimum 2 days
Better customer relationsPoor customer relations

From the above comparison the http://affiliate.flipkart.com/install-app?affid=blaindotgFlipkart APK APP clearly stands out as the best app for online shopping so DOWNLOAD FLIPKART APP TO GET DISCOUNT now.

How to Download Flipkart app FOR PC TO android:

  1. First,download the Flipkart app apk from the  link provided on this page.
  2. Connect your android mobile to the PC via USB and transfer the app downloaded from this page to the phone.
  3. Locate the app on phone using file manger.
  4. Accept all the terms and conditions in order to start the installation process.
  5. The time taken for installation of the app depends on the speed of the phone.
  6. Once the installation is done, you will see Flipkart app icon on the homescreen or application drawer.
  7. Tap on the icon to launch the Flipkart application.
  8. You can signup or link your existing account to get started.
  9. That’s it, you can now enjoy seamless Online shopping with a single tap.

Download Flipkart Apk

In order to download Flipkart  apk file all you need is to click on the download button below. As soon as the download for Flipkart App will be finished. Just install the apk file of Flipkart  and Shop the Online Megastore with the free Flipkart Android app. Choose from the massive selection of original products in Fashion, Electronics, Books, Mobiles and other categories. Get timely alerts on great deals with substantial discounts, every day!
Once you have downloaded Flipkart App apk android v5.7, the next step involves  installing  the app on your android smartphone device. Now to install the app follow the below mentioned steps.
  1. Once the download has reaches 100% completion.
  2. Click on the downloaded application.
  3. In the bottom of screen, you will see a install button.
  4. Click on install button Accept the terms of the app for installation of Flipkart App.
Now you have the Flipkart App Apk application running on your phone, enjoy the awesome shopping experience and joy of getting amazing discounts and offers .

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